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The information provided in this website is solely for those contemplating sophisticated investment opportunities and is designed for informational purposes only. This website and content herein is not and should not be deemed to be an invitation to engage in any investment activity. This website should not be construed as formal advice or a recommendation by Moore and Moore Investments Group Ltd or any of their employees, and is not an offer to sell securities of any pooled investment vehicle or a solicitation of offers to buy any such securities. Securities of pooled investment vehicles managed by Moore and Moore Investments Group Ltd. (“MMIG”) are offered to selected investors by means of a complete offering memorandum and related subscription materials which contain significant additional information about the terms of an investment (such documents, the “Offering Documents”). Any decision to invest must be based solely upon the information set forth in the Offering Documents, regardless of any information that may have been otherwise furnished, including this website. Any person accessing this website and considering investment opportunities featured on this website should make their own commercial assessment and liaise with an appropriately authorised or regulated financial advisor before they proceed. The opportunities sourced and identified by MMIG are designed for sophisticated, accredited investors who are happy taking an active responsibility for their investment decisions. MMIG aims to ensure that all of this website’s content is accurate and up to date, however MMIG does not accept any responsibility or liability for any information featured. The information on this website was prepared by MMIG and is believed by MMIG to be reliable and has been obtained from public sources believed to be reliable. MMIG makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. Opinions, estimates and projections on this website constitute the current judgment of MMIG and are subject to change without notice.  Any projections, forecasts and estimates contained on this website are necessarily speculative in nature and are based upon certain assumptions.  It can be expected that some or all of such assumptions will not materialize or will vary significantly from actual results. Accordingly, any projections are only estimates and actual results will differ and may vary substantially from the projections or estimates shown. MMIG has no obligation to update, modify or amend this website or to otherwise notify a user thereof in the event that any matter stated herein, or any opinion, project on, forecast or estimate set forth herein, changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate.

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